Lake Champlain Boat Show 2013

Lake Champlain Boat Show 2013

One of the great things about being in the restoration business is the NEED to go boat shows…

I realize that people in the hobby NEED to go to shows….but that’s a “personal” need.  Mine is both a personal need and a business need.  One has to keep up with what is happening in the field…

So I awoke at dawn and made a 250 mile round trip to Burlington, Vermont, the site of the Lake Champlain Chapter annual boat show.  I’ve never been to their show at this location, so it was new to me.

The Burlington waterfront is really neat, with spectacular views of the Adirondack Mountains across the lake.  There is a breakwater making a calm and inviting harbor.

The Lake Champlain Chapter was the featured chapter at the Clayton show this summer, so I met quite a few members while attending that show.  One was a fellow photographer, George Kurjanowicz.  Okay, I can’t pronounce his last name either, so I’ll just refer to him as George K.

George shoots Nikon – I won’t hold that against him, since I’m a Canon shooter – but he’s a great guy.  When he’s not behind his Nikon, he has a studio that sculpts – rock, marble, you name it.  He’s very talented.

Anyhow, the Champlain Chapter has a parade at 4pm, George was the featured photographer, they shoot the boats for their chapter calendar.  George was kind enough to invite me on the photo boat – an awesome Lyman offshore owned by Steve Pond – so I could join in the shoot.

The weather was spectacular summer weather, a warm sun with a golden glow.  We anchored in the harbor as the precession of boats passed by.  The following photos are mine that were featured on the WoodyBoater site ( shortly after the show.

Many thanks to George K and Steve Pond for including me on the photo boat.


Mike Turner’s Italian built Committi 28′

My boat building friend, Ken Bassett, brought this beautiful electric launch

My boat building friend, Ken Bassett, brought this beautiful electric launch


A venerable U-ss owned by Marcelis Parsons

A venerable U-22 owned by Marcelis Parsons



Myndy Woodruff’s cool Chris Craft barrelback. Myndy has some coin op Laundromats…get the name??


A neat little Chris Craft runabout


Interesting preware Hubert Johnson skiff


Mike O’Brien’s Lyman 19’ “Molly B”. Mike organizes the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival, which co-insides with the boat show. This pirate was really getting into the sound of the band onshore, both part of the festival. Ahrrrrrr, matey!


Sharp looking Lyman sleeper


Joshua’s Tree” started life as a Century Resorter and was converted into a speedster


Fellow Woody boater Gene Porter at the helm of his Lyman 23’ “True North”. The name is a reference to Gene’s carrier as a navigator on a nuclear submarine


A down east style lobster boat owned by Jan Rozendaal


A beautiful Elco crusier


Jim Bowen’s 1932 Faybow 18’. Jim restored the boat himself, but is no relation to the Bowen family of Fay & Bowen.


Awesome 1929 Consolidated 66’ commuter “Dolphin”. Owned by the same family since new, she has never been restored, only maintained. Her gas engines were changed out for diesels, other than that, she is very original.



Bob Woodard’s 1926 Hacker Dolphin “Rowena V”


Bob MacKay’s 1915 Consolidated Speedway 25’ “Miami”


Century Arabian in spectacular condition


“Miss Align”, 1969 Lyman Offshore 26’ owned by William Meehan


Bo and Kathy Muller’s 1934 Hutchinson Sedan 30’, “Algonquin”