Long Lake – Short Story

Last Saturday, the Adirondack Chapter had a picnic outing on Long Lake.  Nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, the fourteen mile long body of water is actually a glacial widening of the Raquette River which flows from the Fulton Chain to the St Lawrence River.


For those familiar with the Adirondacks, the weather can be hit and miss even in summer, and in our case, summer forgot about Long Lake.  The chilly temperatures struggled to reach the mid 60s under overcast skies and a persistent breeze.  The conditions were certainly the cause of reduced participation despite the efforts to make a fun day of boating by Chapter President Adam Retersdorf.


After a brief tour of the lake, we arrived at the north end where there is a secluded beach and sandy bottom shallows.  Anchoring and rafting up, we floated coolers of provisions to shore for afternoon of picnicking and comradery.


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