“What’s in the Shop?” Wednesdays – February 19

“What’s in the Shop?” Wednesdays – February 19

Well, somehow time got away from me….smelling too many varnish fumes, perhaps….but I haven’t updated the blog in quite some time.  So here’s what’s happeing:

This is more of a What’s Left the Shop Wednesday.  The Penn Yan project is complete and the boat will get tucked away in cold storage until spring – if spring ever comes this year.

Here several shots of the boat just before it rolled out of the driveway.  The project included stripping and refinishing the decks and transom, changing the bottom paint color, and a coat of varnish on the sides.  The new owner’s can’t wait to take it for a ride!

PY Final 2

PY Final 3

PY Final 4