Pettit Photoshoot

Photography has been a big hobby for me over the years.  I naturally enjoy shooting wooden boats, but I also like many other types of photography including landscape, night, nature and other different specialties.  Last fall, I had the opportunity to do some product photography for one of my varnish and paint suppliers, Pettit Paint.

A good friend of mine is the Vice President of Sales for Pettit.  He contacted me and asked if I could help them out with a varnish brochure they were developing.  They already had a layout, some stock boat photos, but were looking for detailed shots of wood surfaces and varnish application.  Of course I agreed.

The Wolff Advertising agency visited the shop.  Marty Wolff and his Art Director, Chris, had a plan on what pictures they needed to fill certain preassigned spaces in the brochure.  They provided some of the props and a collection of clean but empty product containers.  I set up my DSLR on a tripod tethered to my iPad so I could share each shot as it was taken and we could adjust settings and layout as necessary.  I used a single flash in a softbox to augment the ambient light in the shop.


In addition to being the photographer, I was also the “hand model.”  We shot a variety of images including an overall materials image, individual product cans, applying wood sealer to teak, applying varnish to sealed wood, close ups of different wood surfaces, and wiping down a previously varnished surface.


The photos here are the untouched photos straight out of the camera without adjustments.

The final varnish brochure is available here:


While not as exciting as photographing boats at speed, it was a fun and rewarding experience and an honor to photograph products that I use often in the shop.


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